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The Lifestyle Chase is the fitness podcast that is unlike your average fitness podcast. Not all the guests are in the fitness industry. Some are business owners, some are just good humans. There is something to be learned from everyone you meet. The vision of this show is to give people the tools to live fulfilling lives where they can feel strong, inspired and supported - knowing that they are not alone.

Episode 88 - Jason Leenaarts

December 17, 2019

We covered a lot of material. A LOT of material. For context, Jason's Business, Revolution Fitness and Therapy has been around for a long time. I got to meet Jason at the most recent Fitness Summit at Kansas City. So you might think at first, "oh here's another fitnessy guy talking about fitnessy things and how happy he is that he gets to watch people work out. I bet he's never had to call 911 to say he was worried he was going to die by suicide.". False. 

And yes, I know that's a little dramatic, but if I didn't point that out, would it get your attention?

I think that the topics we cover are going to be helpful to people who listen to The Lifestyle Chase and for people who listen to Revolutionary You for that matter. We talk about how it took 8 months of seeing different therapists for Jason to find the one that essentially saved his life. We talk about what it was like being addicted to drugs for the better part of a decade. We talk about his journey as a dad and what being the father of a child with autism has taught him as a human being. Even just being a father of either of his two very loved children and the dynamics of having two kids with two marriages. 

I think we spent about 4 minutes talking about fitness marketing as well. So there's that. I really hope you enjoy this episode and share it. Thank you for supporting The Lifestyle Chase and be sure to show Jason some love and check out his new book available on Amazon!