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The Lifestyle Chase is a podcast that focuses on guests who are on the pursuit of a balanced lifestyle. We can only be our best when we are happy and fulfilled, the journey to get there is not always so straightforward. Each episode is set up to leave us with something valuable that we can take into our own lives and at the very least we learn something new about someone that we never knew about.

June 11, 2019

Episode 52 - Emily Heidinger

Doing things the hard way. This is something that Emily and I have each had to do a lot in our lives. We go off on a lot of tangents on this one, we talk about Emily's high school experience, her passion and the trials and tribulations of swimming. 

If you think this episode is long, you should consider the fact that we didn't even got onto the topics of the mountains or music festivals and that is truly the magical thing about making time and putting people first. 

This episode comes with 2 challenges that I set out for anyone who listens. 

At the beginning I ask that anyone who listens, try to pick out 3 things that resonated with you or that you related to. Send them to me either by email chris@invigoratetraining.com or tag me on social media (@christianliddle, @thelifestylechase). It's so valuable to be able to get something out of everyone you meet or listen to. We put so much value on the books we can read, but when is the last time we stopped to see what someone right in front of us has to offer. This is why businesses thrive off community. Social media feeds of that feeling of community. Don't lose sight of the fact that community is staring you right in the face. 

Excellent segway to challenge number two... At the end of the episode I challenge you to make time for someone you don't see regularly. A family member, a friend, someone who seems interesting or maybe even someone you look up to. Make it in person if possible, but if it needs to be a video chat, do that too. If you feel adventurous, tell me about that too. I like to think all of this preaching of "people first" is picking up some momentum.

The Lifestyle Chase is available on all major podcast platforms, easily searchable on google. There are well over 50 amazing people to learn about and it is truly something I value greatly. I can never thank my listeners enough for the support, and I hope you enjoy this one. 

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