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The Lifestyle Chase is a podcast that focuses on guests who are on the pursuit of a balanced lifestyle. We can only be our best when we are happy and fulfilled, the journey to get there is not always so straightforward. Each episode is set up to leave us with something valuable that we can take into our own lives and at the very least we learn something new about someone that we never knew about.

June 3, 2019

Episode 51 - Kyle Dobbs

Kyle Dobbs joined me on the podcast from St. Louis, Missouri. He has over a decade of quality experience in the fitness industry having worked in many different capacities, settings and roles. 

He is one of the most highly respected mentors in the industry and has a very strong set of values which is what makes him such a perfect guest for a podcast like this. We talk about the impact of his time at Costa Rica with the likes of Dr. Ben House and Dr. Pat Davidson, and the many other remarkable people you can meet in a setting like that. 

We talk about his high school experience, challenges in post secondary, stressful moments in his career, the experiences of fatherhood, growing closer to your significant other and how Lego brings kids to flow state. Honestly, I regret not going further into that but that could have gone on for hours. 

We look at the word failure and how much of a buzz word it has become, and we talk about what a fulfilling life looks like. 

This episode was really cool. So I hope you enjoy it and take on my challenge of meeting up with someone you don't know much about this week and just learning about them for an hour. In person. Or video call. Whatever it takes. 

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