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The Lifestyle Chase is a podcast that focuses on guests who are on the pursuit of a balanced lifestyle. We can only be our best when we are happy and fulfilled, the journey to get there is not always so straightforward. Each episode is set up to leave us with something valuable that we can take into our own lives and at the very least we learn something new about someone that we never knew about.

May 30, 2019

Episode 50 - Carolyn Macdonald

Based out of Toronto, Carolyn Macdonald is the Director of Operations for Examine.com which is a highly trusted collection of nutrition and supplement information based on science. 

She is poised to quickly become a sought after powerhouse in the realm of getting shit done. It comes down to being able to be really genuine with the people around you. Getting to know people and being invested in them to the extent that you understand where the squeaky wheel is, is one of her strongest qualities. 

She has recently also guested on my friends, Dean Guedo and Andrew Coates' The Fitness Devil Podcast so the combination of listening to both will give you a broader scope of what Carolyn is all about.

In this episode we talked about travelling, life 20 years ago, working in public relations, dogs, and the value of being surrounded by really good people. 

Carolyn is a big advocate for making the people around her better at doing what it is that they love. She is highly skilled at understanding different personalities and truly getting to know people which proves to be a huge asset in how effective she can be at developing people to leverage their strengths and at the right times, outsource certain tasks so that we aren't always focussed on being able to do what other people already do well.

Great individuals are greater when they are open to the idea of collaboration and elevating others. 

I really hope you enjoy this episode and you should definitely keep an eye out for Carolyn as she will be one of the presenters at the first ever Evolve Strength Symposium which will take place here in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on September 14 and 15. 

We dropped a lot of names in this episode and Carolyn dropped a lot of "f-bombs" so between those two things, be ready to either hear your name or cover your kids' ears. You can find this episode and all of the others on all major podcast platforms (Spotify, Google Play, iTunes, Apple Music, YouTube) or the link in my bio!

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