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The Lifestyle Chase is the fitness podcast that is unlike your average fitness podcast. Not all the guests are in the fitness industry. Some are business owners, some are just good humans. There is something to be learned from everyone you meet. The vision of this show is to give people the tools to live fulfilling lives where they can feel strong, inspired and supported - knowing that they are not alone.

Episode 198 - Jason Leenaarts on Paying it Forward, Deeper Conversations and Evolving With Age

September 7, 2021

Jason Leenaarts (@jasonleenaarts on IG) was last on the show for Episode 88 back on December 17, 2019. Since then, I would have to say our friendship has strengthened via our respective ability to support one another through our strengths. 


Jason is the owner of Revolutionary Fitness & Therapy, and Author of “A Revolution A Day”, and “The Revolution is You!”. He also hosts his podcast, “Revolutionary You!”. You can learn all about Jason at 


You can purchase his books here and here



In this episode we reflected on the last couple years and talked about some areas that Jason worked on, he shared the success he’s had in working with new trainers and the things he’s evolved to have a more balanced life. Jason has a heart of gold and is one of the podcasts I listen to quite regularly. You will always learn something new by having him on your radar. 


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