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The Lifestyle Chase is the fitness podcast that is unlike your average fitness podcast. Not all the guests are in the fitness industry. Some are business owners, some are just good humans. There is something to be learned from everyone you meet. The vision of this show is to give people the tools to live fulfilling lives where they can feel strong, inspired and supported - knowing that they are not alone.

Episode 193 - Carmen Choney on Creating Connections, Staying Loyal, and Being Aware

August 16, 2021

You miss out on a lot if you focus only on one place, or one person or one thing. This is why The Lifestyle Chase isn’t always a discussion revolving around fitness.


Today’s guest is Carmen Choney or @thatssocarmen on IG. She’s a powerhouse in the country music industry but her job description isn’t limited to one simple title. She thrives when she feels the purpose that life on the road brings, and like everyone, sometimes it tests her to her physical limits. 


In this episode we talked about the awareness of self as well as the awareness of others. Being prepared for what could happen is how Carmen has had such a lengthy career. 


We talked about the value of having a community you can count on, and the importance of not only focussing on what you notice in people, but in what other people notice. 


For some it may be eye contact, yet for others it might be our individual weirdness. 


Loyalty and respect was a theme of discussion in our conversation and it applies in anyone’s life. Staying loyal and respecting others is the difference between a 20 year career and a 3 year career. 


I hope you get as much value from this conversation with Carmen as I did, and keep your eyes open as she continues to make big moves. 


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