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The Lifestyle Chase is the fitness podcast that is unlike your average fitness podcast. Not all the guests are in the fitness industry. Some are business owners, some are just good humans. There is something to be learned from everyone you meet. The vision of this show is to give people the tools to live fulfilling lives where they can feel strong, inspired and supported - knowing that they are not alone.


Aaron Bold is a Canadian Professional Lacrosse goalie, a coach to many young athletes as well as a trainer and owner of Bold Athletics facility in Edmonton. 

Aaron has never done things the easy way whether it be in the pursuit of an athletic achievement, a business goal, or any aspect of life. He pays tribute to his mom who has always been someone he can count on. 

We discuss a lot of things about life in this episode but there is bound to be a takeaway for anyone who listens.

As a podcast host, I think it's important to celebrate legacy and show compassion and empathy to what people face in their life. When you know pain, you see pain and you feel it and it almost connects you with the people you're meant to connect with.

Life isn't meant to be easy all the time and the more open we are, the more we can see the helpers when we need them. 

I witnessed an immense amount of strength from Aaron this past year as not only did he have to be strong for his clients, he had to be strong as a gym owner, a partner, and a human being.

Aaron lost the love of his life to a lengthy battle with cancer in 2020; at a time when there was so much happening in the world, I would never be able to imagine being in his shoes. 

Aaron talks about how he met Michelle and who she is for him. He talked about personal growth and his goals for the future. 

To celebrate the life of Michelle Fines, I would love for you to donate to either www.albertacancer.ca or donate at www.southlake.ca

If you would like to learn more about Aaron, you can follow him on IG @boldy77 or go to his website www.boldathletics.com

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Matthew Ibrahim is a Strength & Conditioning Coach, Adjunct Professor of Exercise Science, and Ph.D. student in Human & Sport Performance. He has been an invited guest speaker at EXOS at Google Headquarters, Sports Academy at The Star, Perform Better, and the NSCA Coaches Clinic. His work has been featured in Men's Health, Science for Sport, and T-Nation. Connect with him on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/matthewibrahim_/


In this episode we took a very talked about how others may see him now and how he would describe himself. We talked about the importance of having non-negotiables in your life and career and some moments when he didn’t have them himself. 

We spoke about failure and the learning opportunities that it provides as long as you are open to feedback. 


Matthew is a guy that asks for opportunities and sees opportunities. He is always open to constructive feedback because of what it’s done for him in his career so far. 


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Jonny Landels is based out of Leeds, UK and is the founder and head coach of Next Step Nutrition. He also hosts his own podcast called The Next Step Espresso. 

When he was 16, he lost his dad to heart disease. From that point, he dedicated his life to help make sure this doesn't happen to others.

In this episode we skimmed the surface of Jonny's origin story. We talked about what he thought he would be doing after leaving secondary school and how he got into the fitness industry. He shared what his first CrossFit class was like and was open and honest about times when he's felt mentally low and what he does in his life to stay on track and keep a clear head. 

Jonny shared his experiences from the past year, how 2020 impacted him and some lessons he's learned in 2021 so far. 

If you've made it this far, you will find it worthwhile to give @jonnylandels a follow on Instagram because he puts out some of the funniest Reels in the entire internet. Also because he's a great resource in general. You can find more about him and what he does at https://nextstepnutrition.co.uk/

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This is Dean Guedo's 3rd appearance on The Lifestyle Chase. Previous episodes are Episode 3 and Episode 113. Episode 3 was recorded after he left the gym we both worked at which was shortly followed by my entry into being self employed in October of that year.


Episode 113 ironically was almost exactly a year ago. We thought the pandemic would be behind us in a matter of months. It's amazing how wrong we were. Amidst many other things, in the last year Dean has begun his journey as a dad, he's found ways to keep up his ideal lifestyle and he threw out all of his fitness teddy bears and replaced them with new ones.


What does that mean? You'll have to check it out.


We talk about dog ownership, communication in training and in relationships, planning ahead, and baby poop.


For more Dean, you can find him @guedo.power on Instagram or check out his podcast, The Pump.


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This is Kayle's return to The Lifestyle Chase.

(@kayle_salad._ )was last on the show for Episode 117 back on April 29, 2020.

At that time she was living in Australia navigating all the crazy things that had happened over the course of the last few months during that time.

This episode was a bit of a catch up. Filling in the gaps between where she was then and where she is now.


Navigating a recent ADHD diagnosis while living in Bali and working on her online business at www.kaylesimpsonfitness.com

Check out the episode and if you haven't already be sure to go back to Episode 117 to get more background on Kayle to fill in the gaps.

Thanks for checking out The Lifestyle Chase. To learn more about me (Chris) your host, you can follow me @christianliddle , @thelifestylechase and head to www.invigoratetraining.com

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March 30, 2021

Episode 168 - Alex Effer

Today's episode is with Toronto-based, Alex Effer (@alex.effer). I'm going to use his story from resilientrehab.ca to give you an idea of what he is all about. In addition, if you're interested in anything he has to offer - that is his website. 

"From a young age, I gained an understanding of the importance of health and physical activity from playing competitive sports and going to the gym. However, I didn’t gain a full appreciation of life-long health until I was diagnosed and hospitalized with colitis, an inflammatory bowel disease. 

My life changed drastically. I was in constant pain. Joint pain, especially my lower back, knees, and ankles, stomach pains and mental exhaustion from the fear that I wouldn’t be able to do the things that I enjoyed doing. With my background in Exercise Physiology from the University of Toronto as well as the positions I have held as an Exercise Physiologist, I started to educate myself on multiple fitness, rehabilitation and nutrition models which I applied on myself. Some worked, others didn’t, but I was driven to find a solution as I was not going to let pain interfere with my life. 

After years of trial and error, consulting with other practitioners, and the combination of multiple fitness and rehabilitation methodologies, I overcame the constant daily pains and am able to train and move pain-free.

From my experience, I have dedicated my life to help my clients overcome any ailments or pain in order to restore confidence in their lives through a unique, integrated, and multi-disciplinary approach to training and rehabilitation."

The Lifestyle Chase needs your help growing the audience. Since September 2018, I (Chris Liddle) have been having conversations with guests in and out of the fitness industry with the vision of helping people to be their best self and live a realistically fulfilling life as they strive to be their best self. 

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When a podcast gets traction, it gives the host the opportunity to talk to people with busier schedules and with enough momentum can one day support the host's career. 

Thank you for listening, I hope you check out more episodes. If you need anything you can always find me on IG @christianliddle @thelifestylechase or at www.invigoratetraining.com

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March 23, 2021

Episode 167 - Kyle Dobbs

This is Kyle Dobbs (@compoundperformance_) return to The Lifestyle Chase. He first appeared on the show back in June 2019 for Episode 51. This past year I enrolled in the quarterly mentorship offered by Kyle and Matt. As a sidenote, Matt Domney has also been on the show. Their business is https://www.compoundperformance.com/

Kyle takes great pride in being a family man and is someone who thrives off of facilitating strong people in his circle. He's been someone that's aligned with me countless times in what I would deem to be my core values. He takes the well being and quality of life of his diverse and talented community that he's built over the years incredibly seriously. He wants to form strong connections and learn about people who might not walk the same path he walked. He has been an excellent role model for me which is a big part of why I promote him so much on the show and asked for him to come back. 

With all of that being said, I hope you give this episode a listen. If you're a trainer or coach, I highly recomend checking out the offerings of the Compound Performance Business. If you're anyone and everyone else, I genuinely think you'll get something valuable from this episode. 

Thanks for listening to or watching The Lifestyle Chase! Please help the show grow by rating it, sharing it, and leaving a comment on your favourite platform.

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Today Lucy Hendricks @lucy_hendricks took on the role as guest host of The Lifestyle Chase. She asked me if I was open to having her interview me which is a perfect segway into our episode. 

We talked about being open minded in the fitness industry and stepping back from the approach of being dogmatic about everything that we see. I shared some pieces of life experience which have played a role in shaping my personality and approach in life and we expanded more about how we can go into the industry with a beginner mindset and be open to feedback. 

Lucy has previously appeared on the show on Episode 104, as well as Episode 135 so it's definitely well worth your time to check those episodes to learn more about her and what she does. 

I am currently doing Mindful Movement sessions with her where she is challenging me to be better in my own training and wellness. If you're wondering what Mindful Movement is - think about it like insurance for your body, or valuable insight for your strength training. It's not quite yoga, it's not stretching, it's not meditation. If you're anything like me, just send her a message and ask her how you can try a class. 

The Lifestyle Chase has been around for a while now and I am putting a lot of effort into growing the audience. If you want to help with that, I'd love it if you shared this episode on social media and tagged me @christianliddle, @thelifestylechase and @lucy_hendricks . 

Thanks for listening to or watching The Lifestyle Chase. 

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Today's episode marks the first ever live streamed episode of The Lifestyle Chase. It was streamed live on @christianliddle account on Instagram. 

Alex McBrairty @_ateamfit_ returned to the show with his last appearance in a full length episode being Episode 77. Over the last year or two, he's become a rock solid friend to have in the industry but also in life. 

Here is is most clear and concise bio. 

Alex McBrairty is a formerly obese kid turned fitness and motivation expert. He uses his own transformation story to help inspire others to take control of their lives. Blending fitness and psychology, Alex coaches men and women to master their mindset, discover their inner awesome, and live their best life.

Alex graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in psychology, where he helped manage a research team that studied motivation theory. Alex is a certified personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), as well as a recipient of the Community Leadership Award from the President's Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition.

Alex writes and speaks on a variety of health, wellness, and lifestyle topics. He also dances, travels, and enjoys the little things in life. To learn more about him, go to www.ateamfit.com. 

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Erik Turner @erikturner41 and I have been hyping eachother up on Instagram via DMs and posts over the last year or two and it's been a very welcome addition to all of the unpredictableness that comes with life. When you find like minded people there is a good feeling that comes from cheering one another on as you each pursue big hairy audacious goals. 

Erik is a Professional Lacrosse Player in the NLL with the Colorado Mammoth which is currently on pause. He also works with a lot of young lacrosse players through his work directly with schools and various other offerings throughout the year. While he waits to get back to the NLL he is dialing into his own fitness and nutrition in big ways. His story will make you second guess if you are going after your goals or just saying that you're going after your goals. We talk about his time at Cornell, recovering from an injury, seeing the positives in having all your stuff burn, his experiences pursuing lacrosse and showing what he's capable of, and reflecting on how far he's come since his appearance on the 2nd Floor Podcast. 

It's important to realize there are going to be opportunities to grow and excel and they are going to come at you at first as obstacles. It's not that we need to be toxicly positive about everything that goes wrong in our life, but if we can find learning experiences in our setbacks, and be coachable in our shortcomings, we can excel and do what we came to do. 

If you enjoy this episode, please share a screenshot in your Instagram story or tell a friend. 

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I've also recently partnered with a Canadian Company called truLOCAL. The truLOCAL marketplace is an online shop where you can support your local economy by browsing for meat products from farmers, producers and butchers within your province. truLOCAL is also expanding to the US. Head to trulocal.ca or trulocalusa.com

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It's a great way to support local while supporting The Lifestyle Chase as well. Thank you for listening, please rate the podcast and subscribe to be in the loop for future episodes!

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