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Episode 42 - Josh Nill

Episode 42 - Josh Nill

April 17, 2019

I noticed how much I was talking about breathing in my podcasts so I recruited someone else to demonstrate it this time.

Josh Nill and I share the commonality of growing up in or around a small town. Those rural roots run deep. We also discovered we know a lot of the same people as we've been getting to know each other at Evolve South. It's really a small world.

Something that Josh is pretty humble about is his experience working with the Dallas Stars organization for their development camp. That's something that's always stood out to me as being a pretty valuable experience. We didn't mention it in the podcast too much because I was scared I was going to breach his confidentiality agreement. But now you know he's got some cool stuff on his resume.

In this episode we chat about how Andrew Coates isn't as scary as Josh used to think he was. Much like Tormund from Game of Thrones, he's just a big friendly dude with a lot of personality. All in good fun, check out The Fitness Devil with Andrew and Dean Guedo if you want to really dive down the fitness rabbit hole. I plug them a lot because friends with podcasts should support their other friends who also have podcasts. 

We chatted about mentors and family and pizza and the Avengers and the Hot 107 award that Evolve just received which we think might just be because people are coming for Bear-Bear.

This one was a suuuper casual episode, and just a way for two trainers to get to know each other in a day where we had a window between clients.

You'll want to give it a listen. Josh is almost as weird as I am :P .

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Episode 41 - Jelena Mrdjenovich

Episode 41 - Jelena Mrdjenovich

April 10, 2019

The sport of boxing is unlike any other. It's accessible to so many, going into it is a head game. It's independent, yet you still need your people. Jelena is fighting at The Edmonton Convention Centre June 22nd at 7:00 PM. So if you want to experience something electric, you will want to get to Ticketmaster before it sells out. 

When it comes down to ANYONE believing in themselves and being one percent better each day, waking up to be the best version of themselves that they can be that day, they can do it. The concept of simply striving for betterment, or being your best in that day despite the things that are out of our control is within reach for EVERYONE.

This is something Jelena truly believes and does her best to empower others to believe as well. The truth is that the drive or desire or the want be better is associated with a feeling of discomfort. Nobody likes feeling uncomfortable but you don't get anywhere by staying complacent. So you just have to take a risk, be uncomfortable, then get good at it. 

This visit was definitely the highlight of my day, and I am a pretty positive dude, so you have to ask yourself, how good could this conversation have been to make it the highlight?!? It was a really great chat. 

You'll have to listen. Learn from the Champ. Jelena has a great deal of wisdom, and she's an incredibly compassionate human being. I consider myself lucky that I got to spend all that time "shooting the shit". 

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Episode 40 - Sean Freeman

Episode 40 - Sean Freeman

April 8, 2019

Sean Freeman is good people. He has the title of Hype Man for The Lifestyle Chase.

He's just got a good vibe about him. What I have observed in his character is that he truly owns it. If he supports someone, he supports them hard. If he is passionate about something, he is really really passionate. 

We talk about his big and loving family, his experiences in playing on a Paralympic soccer team that traveled all over the world, the dynamics of living with cerebral palsy but being grateful for his abilities. We talk about his journey and triumphs with sobriety and what it took for him to make that decision.

Sometimes you just need to own everything you do. You need to have pride in what you do. Sometimes you have to go against the curve, and find your way to be the best version of yourself. 

I think Sean is a great dude so I hope you are one of the first people to listen to this episode. There's a lot you can learn from him and the experiences he's had in his life. 

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Episode 39 - In Loving Memory of Colin and Madeline Axelsen with Special Guest Leanne Axelsen

Episode 39 - In Loving Memory of Colin and Madeline Axelsen with Special Guest Leanne Axelsen

April 1, 2019

It may be several years later, but I still see the influence that people in my life have left with me. That is what makes me proud to be able to share the legacy of someone who impacted me in my youth and somehow continues to impact me today. 

Episode 39 in in loving memory of Colin Axelsen and his daughter Madeline. Colin was also known to some as Mr. Axelsen, Axelsen, or Axe. He resonated with students, colleagues, athletes, family and friends. There were a great deal of times when he had my back when I really needed it, whether that just be as someone who was willing to listen or sometimes just someone who was intuitive and just there to check in on things. I want you to hear more about him, and why he means so much to so many of the people he's come across and I was honoured to get to hear it from the person who knows him the very best, Leanne Axelsen. 

Leanne talks to me about what set Colin apart for her and for others. She talks about her life with her two growing boys, her surprise venture into creative writing and how it served her and of course, we talk about what she enjoys better, cookies or cake. 

It means a lot when people take the time to listen to episodes like this one, because I am sharing a lot and my guest Leanne is sharing even more. So I hope when you listen, you let me know what you think. Send me a message, tag me on social media, get a hold of me somehow. 

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Episode 38 - TJ Sadler

Episode 38 - TJ Sadler

March 26, 2019

TJ Sadler has been along for the ride for my whole fitness career. He brought me onto the team as an Account Manager for YEG Fitness Magazine and has always been in my corner in my year as an indoor cycle instructor as well as my career so far as a trainer. 

We talk about his teaching career, the journey of running a magazine, life in Edmonton, working out, his kids, his parents, and his hand tattoo. 

You'll have to give this one a listen to really dive in. We both like to talk. 

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Episode 37 - Jordan Aimoe

Episode 37 - Jordan Aimoe

March 22, 2019

A big part of my overarching vision for The Lifestyle Chase is to empower other people to push forward despite life's obstacles and to not take things for granted. Chasing the things that we feel most passionate about and valuing the people in our lives greatly is especially important to me. 

Part of expanding my guest roster and making some of the interviews remotely enables my listeners to have a greater perspective, and in a way it elevates the stories of the guests I have had on so far. A lot of people will listen for the guests that they know and then they will learn that sometimes the episodes that teach them the most are the guests they didn't know at all. It's worth it to find out. 

My guest Jordan Aimoe and I haven't actually seen each other for a number of years but we have taken our lives in directions that are deeply meaningful to us. 

Jordan and I go back to our days working together as camp counselors at Sylvan Lake and we've both grown a lot in the years since. 

This episode will give you a lot of perspective of how many excuses we make for ourselves when we are missing out on experiences. There's a lot more to life than material things or routine or following a norm. There is something to be said about the unpredictability of being somewhere new. 

Egypt is a very different country. Mental health, special needs, LGBTQ2+, and women as a whole are seen very differently there. The dynamics are interesting and I think anyone whether you're a teacher or not will learn a lot from our conversation.

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For anyone interested in knowing more about Jordan's journeys, you can check out his blog here

Episode 36 - Julie Harrish

Episode 36 - Julie Harrish

March 18, 2019

Julie is a badass. *End of description*

Actually though, Julie embodies the self awareness to trust her gut and make those decisions that matter to her. She is surrounded by people near and far who are hungry for more out of life and she has some life experiences that have truly shaped her into the amazing human being that she is. 

If you like Donuts and Deadlifts you're going to be a fan of this episode. I think you should listen to it either way. To say that life well lived is without failure would be a misrepresentation. The most important thing is what we are considering as we move forward and level up. 

I really enjoyed this conversation and I hope you do too!

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Episode 35 - Chris Liddle Hosted By Lacintha Naidoo

Episode 35 - Chris Liddle Hosted By Lacintha Naidoo

March 14, 2019

Hey All, this is Lacintha sitting in for Chris.

Today was a day of spontaneous fun. I got to turn the microphone on Chris Liddle, host of "The Lifestyle Chase".

We gathered around my kitchen table and spoke about Chris' earlier years, his advice to his younger self, the path he has always traveled on as a leader and coach, his musical background and on how he really feels about Nicki Minaj and Cardi B ;)

I hope you enjoy this episode and that you learna little bit more about this lovely human.

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Episode 34 - Marnie Ashcroft

Episode 34 - Marnie Ashcroft

March 7, 2019

Episode 34 was recorded right inside the Sherwood Park Glow Juicery while we both drank Glow Juice (thank you again for the boost of energy, Marnie!). 

Marnie is a really genuine human being and just like she talks about in her leadership style, she has always supported my new ideas and the ideas of many many others. 

You're going to find a lot of features of Marnie between TV appearances, other people's podcasts, articles, blogs, etc. I am hoping that I got to talk about things that she hasn't talked about in a while, or maybe asked them in a way that gave us greater perspective to what makes her who she is. 

The more you know about Marnie, the more it makes sense as to how Glow Juicery has been able to grow across Canada. Everything is the product of hard work and consistency. If we really care about something or if it means more to have done it than to live with the regret of not doing it, the work we put into our passion will feel genuine and worthwhile. 

I believe that if you are doing the things that mean the absolute most to you, it will enable you to grow in the journey and see your goals through. However it comes with risks, grit, passion, self-belief and really owning those core values. 

I hope you enjoy this episode, and as an added note, friends of The Lifestyle Chase, Jennifer Nielson and Shara Vigeant are in the middle of a food fight, so if you haven't bought one of their salads and live close to the Sherwood Park or Old Strathcona location, get after it. Both great causes. 

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Episode 33 - Brandon Jacobs

Episode 33 - Brandon Jacobs

March 1, 2019

Brandon Jacobs is a very cool person with a wealth of life experience. He's the Director of Holistic Health at Park Integrative Health. He initially went to school to be a teacher with the addition of coaching some teams in his past life. He's also worked a career as a massage therapist and personal trainer and currently wears the hats of a Yoga Instructor also developing his own Yin Yoga training alongside his partner in crime, Heather while finding what balance looks like in his role at Park Integrative Health. 

I think there is a lot of value in finding out more about people who are following their passion. Finding what got them to where they are, what influenced them, what keeps them grounded and what motivates them to elevate themselves and others. 

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